Leaf is a platform designed to reshape the way learners interact with coding tutorials. Inspired by Stripe's side-by-side API documentation, we wanted to build a tool which gives everyone a convenient way to process information through reactive learning.

No more publishing code snippets on Medium! Leaf allows you to write out the steps of your coding tutorial using Markdown in the left pane, and then write the associated code of your steps in a code editor on the right pane.

Leaf lets you associate your steps with parts of your codebase, so when you scroll through a finished tutorial, the code editor automatically scrolls to the relevant code.


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The Team

Rahul Sarathy

I previously created getpulp.io where I was trying to figure out how to improve the experience of reading things online. I’m endlessly curious about how people can express themselves on the internet in ways other than a standard blog post or video. If questions like this also interest you, feel free to reach out.

Adish Jain

I am really interested in problems having to do with educational systems. Tech can be used to foster better learning and improve the transfer of knowledge, and as a computer science teacher of 3 years, I'm always looking for better ways to convey ideas to people. Want to talk? Shoot me a message.

Ruchika Gupta

I grew up in Africa and am a left my home and family behind to pursue a computer science education in the United States. After graduating, I joined a start-up in the data science and web3 space, where I was a full-stack engineer focused on responsive and accesible design. Education has been key to opening so many doors in my life, both professionally and culturally. Therefore, I am so excited to be building a tool which can help educate others.


Leaf is still in a very early-development stage as a tool, so we appreciate you staying with us while we work out the wrinkles & make this a smooth experience.

If you find any bugs or have ideas for improving Leaf, we're all ears. Fill out an issue below.